Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Pears on a Plate


Red Pears on a Plate
6 x 6, oil on panel
@Sue Smith 2009

I really like this painting.

The still life paintings have been very popular, the landscapes, not so much. That's okay. Paint and learn.

I started buying from artists on eBay, too, finding small pieces that I like. I'm not ready to trust the *genuine artifact, authenticated old Roman pottery shard for $5.00* claims on some things, although if they were genuine, that would be neat. Maybe.

If you are thinking about selling on eBay, spend time looking at what is available, what people are actually bidding on, and what you can do that would work. I've learned that small is good. Good art is good. Free shipping is good (necessary!) Low prices are good, although there are a few artists selling LARGE (what exactly is large?) paintings. I have to wonder though if they are making any money after materials and shipping. Some probably are making it in volume and there are a few artists who really can command prices over $100.

I'm not there yet - over $100. Mine sell between $30 and $60.

But I intend to be.

Consistency. Finding what works. Regular posting. Building a following. The right pricing.

This is what seems to work.


Robin Pedrero said...

I really like the pears too. I go through a personal struggle of my own, of finding my voice, creating what might possibly sell, and instruction of the past to make representational. I know well the shoes you wear.. Good work! Best wishes

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Sue, Beautiful painting of pears on a plate. Thanks for sharing great tips on your blog. I find them to be interesting and plan on using them.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Sue, thanks for giving the info about marketing. I tried again this week to sell a painting on Ebay. I know there are those who are doing it.

The Red Pears are beautiful.

Lori Quarton said...

The pears are perfect. You have your focal point right on in the golden mien and your colors are gorgeous!

Marian Fortunati said...

I really like it too, Sue...