Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pear and Roses

"Pear and Roses"
6 x 6
oil on Panel
@ Sue Smith 2009

I go through cycles - there is the thinking cycle where I spend most of my time doing "busy" work and otherwise distracting myself from the actual work of painting. Then there's the "preparing" part where I start to get motivated and gather together new subjects to paint. And then the actual "painting" part of the cycle. For the past week or so I've been caught up in the painting part and hadn't really wanted to stop long enough to photograph anything to post to this blog. Sorry :.(

But this is a funny story, here, so I'm happy that you're still reading along. My husband had asked me the other day what paintings were selling the best, and I said "Pears and Roses." So he pointed at this little painting drying on the table with that look, "Covering your bases?"

Duh...yes, even though the colors and shapes DO look good together, better than the tangerines and roses, which was another "base covering" idea...hey, when they want chocolate you're wise to give them chocolate and not offer broccoli instead, as the marketing guru's would say.

So my question is...does this count as a "formula" painting? Because according to all the uproar a few months ago over on Ancient Artist, formula paintings are "A Fate Worse Than Death!"

Still...I think it's a pretty little painting. I've found that for me and the way my eye/hand works best, with flowers I will paint the value form first, checking with my hand mirror to make sure it reads the way I intended, and finish with a few gestural strokes using a small palette knife. The key for me is not to think about it too deeply, just "draw" with color, one or two quick marks, following the direction that the paint gives. If I try to be too exact and purposeful with this step I ruin it.

When this is dry, it's destined for ebay. Wish me luck.

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