Thursday, June 3, 2010

Linden Trees and Water

Linden Trees and Water
oil on linen panel, @2010
Available at High Desert Gallery in Bend, Oregon and Sisters, Oregon

An excellent portrait accomplishes several things: it captures the personality of the sitter, it offers a suggestion of mystery, a conversation interrupted, and it is built upon a non-traditional compositional design. In my landscape work I try to approach each "sitter" the way John Singer Sargent or Sorolla might - looking for the personality, the immediacy of the moment, and a viewpoint with an unusual design.

Studio Lighting part Deux

Last fall I was so happy that I'd found a lighting solution for my studio. Ah...right. This was then.

And this is now. I figure I lose one light every three months. This is not your simple light bulb burning out. No, it doesn't matter how many times I replace the bulbs, how I work them in the sockets to get contact. I figure at the rate of failure I have six months left before I am totally in the dark...heh...some might say I'm already there.

In the mean time I have found this lamp that looks like a reject from the 60's. I call it the octopus. Actually it's very functional, and it was a lot less money than the fancy ceiling fixture.