Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mutton Mountains

Mutton Mountains, 16 x 20, oil on linen

So much of the American landscape is seen through the windows of the automobile. How many hours have you spent throughout your life driving through areas on the way to somewhere else, and wondered what might exist there, who might have lived there in the past, what might be waiting for you if you just stopped the car and explored?

I've started a new landscape series that explores these ideas, as I try to capture views that could easily be seen through the passenger-side window - in fact, they all were. I used to call these "drive by" photographs, but that term has such a negative connotation now. But just ask my kids about the story they retell at every family gathering, about the vacation photos that show "car going into the tunnel", "car in the tunnel", and "car leaving tunnel.'

It's one of those things a parent never lives down.

An additional note about the email subscriptions to this blog: after several very frustrating hours trying to fix a faulty RSS feed and continuing to get what I consider "spam" mailings from feedburner, I've stopped the email delivery of this blog. I am not computer savvy enough - nor am I willing to waste much time - trying to fix this when there are other ways to read and see what is written here. Please accept my apologies if this causes inconvenience but time is precious and there are so many other things worth doing than copy and pasting codes that won't work.


Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Love the way your work is evolving. The surfaces are getting deeper and more complex, and very rich. I also have snippets of landscape that flew by yet left remianing impressions...

Sue Smith said...

thank you, Jo-Ann. I've watched your work changing and expanding over the last year, too, and that inspired me to take more chances.