Monday, May 9, 2011

Rain Curtain - Oregon High Desert

"Rain Curtain - Oregon High Desert"
18 x 24, oil on canvas

I am very happy with this painting. I originally painted a study very similar to this that was in a 10 by 20 inch format - thinking that the long horizontal "double square" would be the best for this stormy panoramic scene. But I discovered I really wanted to see more of the dramatic sky and how it plays off the light on the ground, so I painted this new version on an 18 x 24 inch canvas.

I also changed the color harmonies from the study and felt good about my understanding of values to create drama and volume, particularly in the sky. ( I have been working on this - understanding values, as I have a tendency to be hesitant about pushing the really dark areas). I also did a lot of scumbling and glazing and using a Q-tip to soften some edges, which worked really well.

After the painting was finished I noticed the suggestion of animals grazing and thought it was really cool they were there since I hadn't painted them in. It just adds another layer of interest and mystery due to happenstance and a brush that must have a mind of it's own.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful. Very nice painting that drew me in.