Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ancestor Series #5 up for bid

Ancestor Series #5

Aren't we all just a little fascinated by the people who came before us?  Native Cultures call them the Ancestors.  We discover tiny hints about their lives in the ancient fresco paintings at archeological sites. 

The Ancestor Series grew out of a fascination in discovering the faces in the stone, images that began to emerge from the textures created on the painting surface.  I start with smooth gessoed 6 inch by 6 inch panels on a 1.5 inch cradle.  I apply tape and additional levels of gesso, then began to mark with a pencil.  As the gesso dries, I search for the suggestion of a face.  When I find it, I start with charcoal sticks followed by oil paint rubbed into the surface. 

At times this approach feels close to what I imagine ancient cave painters did, using the textures of the rock to help suggest their forms.  Don't you wonder what stories this face might have to tell?

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VickiRossArt said...

Sue, this is stunning!

Randal said...

I really like it too. Gracious day!

Randal said...

Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for highlighting my product, which simply makes it easier to chart your palette. As intended,the chart boards are for oil and acrylic, although I am planning a launch for watercolor and pastel. Terry Krysak's comments are particularly useful, relative to watercolor charting. (Love that.)

I also Love your painting entitled "Rabbit Tracks". The sweep of the sky, and the complimentary inner sweep of the foreground, combine to draw the viewer into this exquisite painting. You really did create an "atmosphere", as was your intended objective, and it's incredible.
All the best.
:-) Randal

Sue Smith said...

Thank you, Randal!