Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Re-Exploration of the Ancient Walls Series

Ancient Walls Italian Series: Firenze III
20" x 20", oil, marble dust, gesso, paint detritus on panel

I recently discovered a source for marble dust and dry pigments, called Natural Pigments.

I was actually searching for something else, but came upon the marble dust and remembered an old series that I had abandoned, in part because I could not develop the texture of the surface the way I saw it in my imagination.

I began to re-experiment with adding marble dust to both the gesso and the oil paint. The result produced layers of paint, some transparent, some straight from the tube, some thickened with marble dust

Aegean Series: Aquarius II
14" x 11" oil, marble dust, iridescent pigment, paint detritus, gesso

You can see more at my website Sue Smith Fine Art. Let me know what you think.


Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

They are beautiful. I'm also struggling to get more depth to my images, and not sure yet where this exploration will take me. I love that you added marble dust, actual stone, to the landscape images. Terrific!

Kay said...

these are wonderful