Sunday, November 7, 2010

Year End Studio Sale


It's the last two months of the year and I would like to thank all my supporters and collectors by offering a year-end Studio Sale. I am offering smaller paintings for sale and using ebay to allow you to bid on your favorite piece. Because of the economy - and out of gratitude - I am starting each auction at an extremely low price so I hope you'll click over to ebay and see what's happening.

This painting is titled "Tempest". It is 14" by 14" on 1.5" stretchers, a wonderful linen that I prepared using rabbit skin glue and an oil ground. I've painted the edge thinking that it could be framed in a float frame with just a hint of the color vibrating between canvas and frame. It's not framed (one reason for the low starting bid) and could live quite happily on your wall just as it is until framing is desired.

Thank you again for all of your supportive comments and feedback. I appreciate the time you have invested here.

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