Monday, September 7, 2009

New From the Ancestor Series

Sibyl #2
oil on copper leaf

It's the end of a busy summer. The weather is starting to cool down and I think everyone is starting to get back to business. I hope you had as much fun these past few months as I did.

The image above is a small painting I did for the National Association of Women Artists. They are hosting an art sale a fundraiser at a Tea Party, October 15 and 15. If the artwork doesn't sell at the event it will be included in an online sale. When I get the information I will pass along the link.

It's difficult for me to fully participate in all the great NAWA events since I live on the west coast and the events all happen in New York City. But at least I can send this small painting. Hopefully it will sell for a good cause.

humm...maybe I need to touch up that right eye...

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VickiRossArt said...

I'm curious about the copper leaf. Care to elaborate on that?